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September 26, 2016
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November 23, 2016

RSC In The News: Charlotte Five


The fabulous Donna Scott and me during “Sell Your Strongest Self (And Cut The Bullsh*t). Katie Toussaint/Charlotte Five photo

I can talk about clients all day long. It’s my job. But put me in front of a crowd or force me to talk about myself? Awkward, party of one.

Thankfully, I’ve got fierce, badass, empowered friends who coax/push/shove me outside of my comfort zone. At the top on that list is the amazing Donna Scott. She asked me to speak about selling your best self in business, and despite my best efforts to make the event a panel or a group discussion, Donna moderated an event where I ran my mouth, spoke my truth about entrepreneurship, being a woman in business and didn’t swear too many times.

Katie Toussaint of Charlotte Five was in the audience and wrote up a great summary of the event.

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