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December 29, 2016
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Rule Of Three: Overused Terms



One is interesting. Two is curious. Three, well, that’s a story. Or so goes the rationale in newsrooms. Or the newsrooms I worked in. It’s the Rule of Three, meaning you needed a minimum of three of something — sources, items, examples etc… — to get your idea or story going. So we’ve got our own version of the Rule Of Three, focusing on three things we love (or hate). Today, we’re talking cliches and overused terms in business.


Mompreneurer: *flicks on sarcasm font* Gee, it’s hard being a woman and having a family and a job/owning a business. I’m a mompreneur. I can have it all! *flicks off sarcasm font* Have you heard of Dadpreneurs? No, of course not. Because they’re just called men (or Dads). I am a fiercely proud mother, wife and business owner. None of those are mutually exclusive. And being a female business owner doesn’t kick me into a special category or limit or restrict me. Or at least it shouldn’t.

#girlboss: I’m conflicted on this one. I get what Sophia Amoruso is/was trying to do, but … really? Also not a fan of “lady” anything to label me (though I have been known to use Boss Lady from time to time). I prefer Kenny Powers’ MFCEO. Crosses all gender lines, potentially offensive to all. Click here to see the very NSFW Kenny Powers MFCEO K-Swiss video. 

Passion: Too often “passion” is used as a catch all and/or an excuse to not have to explain further. Generally, when its used, it lacks the “why.” Passion shouldn’t be part of your elevator pitch. Ever. Example:

BAD: “PR is my passion.”
GOOD: “My business is public relations. I excel at helping my clients tell their brand stories through editorial placements and strategic partnerships.”

Wordier, sure, but less ambiguity and more substance. If you’ve gone so far as to start a business that is making money, then respect it and the process enough to verbally give weight to what you’re doing.

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